Passion is like food.

August 13, 2023

Finding passion is like finding what food you like to eat.

You have to try them. You can't just look at it and decide you're going to like it. You can't just look at the ingredients either. The composition, the way it's cooked, all of them affect whether the taste is just right for you.


When we're all little, we like to try everything, we try the different flavours of ice cream, the different coloured fruits, the smoothies, the different foods our moms put in our mouths, and we go "I like that."

But when it came to school. We were just fed food all the time. Food we might not like but had to eat regardless, vitamins and pills that are supposed to be "nutritious for us" but just taste like crap. Now our appetites are full, and don't want to try out new food because we think we don't have the space/time for them.

Then now, after you graduate, it's time to choose what career you'd like to go into. To choose a dish you'd want to eat for the next few years. A complex dish made of varying ingredients, cooked in complicated ways. But you've been eating pills all along. 

Pills that don't taste anything like this dish. Pills that may have the same nutritional values, but it's been processed for your digestion it does not even have a hint of resemblance to any dishes available for you. 

What then?

As an adult, some go back to exploring the food. Trying out all sorts of food. You finally find some appreciation for certain foods/certain cuisines. You decide that's a better dish for you to eat everyday. You go on to do that, and explore others at the same time. You go on this exciting journey of exploration, albeit a few years later than you might have wished it to be.


Well. Imagine life to be like sitting in a sushi restaurant. You have this conveyor belt of sushi running past you 24/7. These sushi are "opportunities", different experiences you could take up while eating, while focusing on your life in front of you, be it your studies or your work.

But sometimes, you're just so focused on what's in front of you. You forgo opportunities that could change your life. Sushi that tastes like heaven.


CORDY is different. CORDY brings you the full menu to all these sushi, all these opportunities. So you'll never have to miss out on the sushi you love. 

But sometimes, having too many options is difficult. You're already trying to stuff yourself with the food on your table, why make such a difficult decision? 

That's where CORDY comes in again. He's the waiter that just comes over and serves you the chef's recommendation for free. He explains to you how this type of sushi was made. And why you might enjoy it. Upon eating and finding out you do like it, he explains to you that you may have a thing for salmon, and recommends other options based on this one for you. 

This is CORDY. The sushi chef, waiter and food connoisseur. The trinity of Passion.