Let's Coordinate

Who is CORDY?

CORDY is a lion from the 5th dimension who came to our world to find passion in life.

Strangely, he found a passion for passion. Wow, odd but it's true. Now he spends his time giving
quests and sharing opportunities for others to find their own unique passions.

CORDY is managed by a youth-led non-profit group called Coordinate.


You are right. Success goes beyond grades. You can define it. You can and should be the master of you. But that means you need to be responsible for yourself. What game are you playing? What strategies fit you best? Which choices should you make?

To define your own success requires knowledge of the self. What do you love? What are you willing to struggle for?

Nobody but you can find your passion.

But you can still ask for help. CORDY is here for that reason. Take part in quests and use the opportunities he shares.