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National Library Board

The NLB nurtures Readers for Life, Learning Communities and a Knowledgeable Nation by promoting reading, learning and history through our network of 28 libraries across Singapore, the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore.

Opportunities currently available:
All Opportunities
The Great Makeover Project
Interview Skills Workshop @ NLB
Unplugged (Singapore Untamed)
News Journalism 101 | Teens Takeover | re:write
NLB's Udemy Business
Libby with NLB
Communities@Libraries | City Trail
3D Starter Session @ Jurong Regional Library
Robotics & Coding Starter Session @ Woodlands Regional Library
The News Gallery: Beyond Headlines
Augmented Reality Workshop @ Serangoon Public Library
Learn Blender by 3D Printing
Introduction to Information Security
MakeIT Day @ Tampines Regional Library
Introduction to Design Thinking @ Tampines Regional Library
Simplifying Robotics for Factories
Exploring AI and Machine Learning | Future of Work
Memoirs & Memories | Augmented Reality Workshop
Stress Management | Get Professional
Getting Started with Data Analytics with Python
Fundamentals of Urban Farming
Learn Singapore Sign Language with SADeaf | Teens Takeover
Dungeon Mastery 102: Know Your Players
Dungeons & Dragons w/ The Legitimate Business
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Art of Empathy: Active Listening Skills
Introduction to Blockchain
Rediscovering the Personal
Pi & Python 2-day Introductory Workshop
Reducing Your Workload through RPA
Unlock the Power of Reading
Archives Unlocked: Conserving J.T Thomson Maps
Everyday Modernism and Sources for the Ordinary
Conserving S.E.A Turtles | Green Market
Introduction to ChatGPT, Whisper & Github Copilot for Python development
Bugis People Through Archival Images & Recordings
Empowering Lives with Assistance Dogs in Singapore
Time to Unwind: Stories of Leisure in Singapore
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