National Library Board

The NLB nurtures Readers for Life, Learning Communities and a Knowledgeable Nation by promoting reading, learning and history through our network of 28 libraries across Singapore, the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore.

Opportunities currently available:
All Opportunities
The Great Makeover Project
Interview Skills Workshop @ NLB
Unplugged (Singapore Untamed)
News Journalism 101 | Teens Takeover | re:write
NLB's Udemy Business
Libby with NLB
Communities@Libraries | City Trail
3D Starter Session @ Jurong Regional Library
Robotics & Coding Starter Session @ Woodlands Regional Library
The News Gallery: Beyond Headlines
Augmented Reality Workshop @ Serangoon Public Library
Learn Blender by 3D Printing
Introduction to Information Security
MakeIT Day @ Tampines Regional Library
Introduction to Design Thinking @ Tampines Regional Library
Simplifying Robotics for Factories
Exploring AI and Machine Learning | Future of Work
Memoirs & Memories | Augmented Reality Workshop
Stress Management | Get Professional
Getting Started with Data Analytics with Python
Fundamentals of Urban Farming
Learn Singapore Sign Language with SADeaf | Teens Takeover
Dungeon Mastery 102: Know Your Players
Dungeons & Dragons w/ The Legitimate Business
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Art of Empathy: Active Listening Skills
Introduction to Blockchain
Rediscovering the Personal
Pi & Python 2-day Introductory Workshop
Reducing Your Workload through RPA
Unlock the Power of Reading
Archives Unlocked: Conserving J.T Thomson Maps
Everyday Modernism and Sources for the Ordinary
Conserving S.E.A Turtles | Green Market
Introduction to ChatGPT, Whisper & Github Copilot for Python development
Bugis People Through Archival Images & Recordings
Empowering Lives with Assistance Dogs in Singapore
Time to Unwind: Stories of Leisure in Singapore
Singapore Really Really Free Market
What’s It Like in the Social Impact Sector?
Unlock the potential of AI and XR in Learning
Collecting Local Food Heritage
Big Book Giveaway
Local Marine Species in Wet Markets
Dungeons & Dragons 101: A Practical Guide to Adventuring
What is AI and the story behind it
5th National Day Ground-Up Party
AWS DeepRacer Workshop
Introduction to Cloud Computing | Future of Work
3D Sculpting Basics with Blender
Python x Excel
Organic Digital Marketing Techniques
A.I. 101: Understanding ChatGPT and Other A.I. Tools for Students
Art x Stacks | Sketching in Urban Spaces Art Jamming Session
Creating Solutions with Design Thinking & A.I
The Origin of Complex Traits: Butterfly Eyespots
Wildlife Etiquette and Human-wildlife Co-existence
The News Gallery Exhibition Tour
Negotiate like an Entrepreneur
Behind the Scenes Tour of the National Archives of Singapore
6 Hour Comics Challenge
Growth Hacks by Hervelvetvase's Clare Chan | Masterclass
Sama-Sama Book Club
Blockbuster Masterclass: Art of Visual Effects
Pro Series: Finding my Voice in Clay with Leng Soh
Resident: Batik Ink Rubbing (Open Studio)
Intro to Jamu: Botanical Knowledge in Traditional Medicine
Wildlife Trade in Singapore - Talk by ACRES
Product Photography for Entrepreneurs Breakthrough
Bach in the Subways
Breeding of Urban Farming Crops Workshop
Freelancing 101
Menders Studio
Learn Hokkien Teochew with Raffles Dialect Online Teens Takeover re:write
Learn Cantonese with Raffles Dialect Online
Helping Keep Native Wildlife Safe in Singapore
Robotics & Coding Starter Session-BOSON
Discovering Batik