We believe this is how you find passion:
Passion isn’t black and white.

It’s not “Yes, I like Math, so Math is my passion”.

It’s more like “I like Math, but I don’t like statistics, algebra, graphs. Rather, I like the problem-solving aspect I often get in homework.”

Now that is what we call a Spark.
Sparks are the small things that make you excited.
It could be the idea of organisation when tidying your desk, the sense of being free when you see a plane take off, or feeling like a superhero when you play dodgeball.

Are these your passions? Not yet! We think passions are BIGGER, BOLDER.
Passion is like fire. You’ll need multiple sparks to start a fire.
The more sparks you combine, the bigger your passion.

For example: I like feeling like a superhero, I like the sense of being free in my movements, being in the air, and I love structure in learning → Could gymnastics be one of my passions? Maybe!

Wasn’t that easy? This should be how you reflect on your life experiences when finding your passion.
BUT WAIT! Where do these experiences come from?

It comes from doing. It comes from taking part in events, games, activities, be it by yourself or with your friends and family.

CORDY provides many experiences, but it’s up to you to decide whether to take action.

The only person who can find your passion is you.