Smart Nation & Digital Government Office

The Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO), under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), plans and prioritises key Smart Nation projects and drives the digital transformation of our Government. It also builds long-term capabilities for the public sector, and promotes adoption and participation from the public and industry, to take a collective approach in building a Smart Nation.

Opportunities currently available:
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Data Visualisation & You: Making Sense of Our Data Driven World!
Making Healthier Decisions Through Data
Advanced Machine Learning Approaches in Decision Making
Data Driven Artificial Intelligence
Creating A Smart Nation Through User-Centred Design
Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Healthcare
Smart Nation Builder Volunteer
Smart Nation CityScape
Safeguarding Your Business from Cyber Attacks
Blockchain for Commercial Applications
Intellectual Property Management of Artificial Intelligence Innovation
Supporting Digital Mental Health
My Smart Grandparent Contest
Business Analytics for Managers
Level Up Your Business with Digital Marketing Tools
AI, Humanity and Sustainability
Jurong Lake District Innovation Challenge
Unlock Benefits of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
E-Commerce Powered by Artificial Intelligence
Evolution of Recommender Systems
Retail and E-Commerce: Innovating with Technology
The Art of Data Visualisation
Decision Automation and Intelligence Workshop
Data in the Modern World