I hope you didn't just click on that button out of curiosity, because this is where stuff gets serious.
As a Lionheart, you've graduated from CSG. You may not be a youth anymore, that's normal.

You've learnt more about yourself, and you are confident that no matter what happens in this uncertain world (be it huge tech advancements, another pandemic, or you've lost your passion), you know how to do it again. You'll explore and learn again, and you'll craft your next passion that fills you with fulfilment to the bone.

You don't need CSG (anymore).

But others need you.

Continue the cycle - help others find their purpose and passion. Do things that empower others.

If you're interested in what CSG does, help us develop this platform further. We're just a message away on Instagram, Telegram, or you could even just call up our founder. His contact details are public on Telegram. We may be "youth-led" but our knowledge doesn't just come from youths. Youths are often inexperienced. CSG needs all the help it can get.
Let's Coordinate.
CSG is youth-led and non-profit.