Heartware Network

Heartware Network is a registered Society, which seeks to instil positive values and build strong character in youth between ages 14 and 35. We engage our young to be resilient, innovative in serving others, and to be entrepreneurs rooted to Singapore as their home. We are committed to transforming the lives of under-served children and youth by empowering them with greater confidence in their abilities, so as to achieve a brighter future.

Opportunities currently available:
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Heartware Tuition Programme 2023 - Volunteer Leader
Heartware Tuition Programme 2023 - General Volunteer
Learning Together Programme - Volunteer Leader
Learning Together Programme 2023 - General Volunteers
Heartware Support Our Pioneers Programme 2023
DBS Heartware Workshop Series: Effective Persuasion
River Hongbao 2024 - Youth Liaison Committee
Tanoto Foundation Learning Together Programme 2024
River Hongbao 2024 - General Volunteer
[HWSOP24] - Heartware Support Our Pioneers 2024
HWSOP24(MDC) Mobile Digital Clinic for Seniors 2024 - Quarter 3