Heartware Tuition Programme 2023 - Volunteer Leader
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First started in 2009 by student volunteers from Raffles Institution (Junior College), the Heartware Network Tuition Programme has been supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Over the years, the programme has expanded to welcome volunteers from all walks of life.

We aim to reach out to primary school students whose parents are incarcerated and/or from low-income backgrounds, in hopes of igniting their interests in learning through providing academic support. To these students, this platform is an invaluable step towards breaking away from the vicious cycle of poverty.

Roles & Responsibilities of General Volunteers: 

  • Deliver quality tuition sessions to less privileged children from partnering schools/ organisations once a week (2 hours per session in the afternoon/evening):
    • Provide academic support in children’s weaker subjects
    • Encourage and motivate children in their studies
    • Be a mentor the children can look up and seek help from
    • Keep track of children’s progress (i.e. results, behaviour, and attitude in learning)
    • Conduct life skills curriculum
    • Maintain complete attendance
  • Provide support to Volunteer Leader by:
    • Submitting all documents (i.e. attendance, children’s progress reports) on time
    • Give feedback and suggestions for children’s development, programme operations, and incident reports to Volunteer Leader for follow up with Heartware Network and collaborating schools’ staff-in-charge

On top of the responsibilities as a General Volunteer, the Volunteer Leader is expected to:

  • Oversee operations in the respective schools/ organisations they are assigned,
  • Liaise directly with the teachers in-charge in ensuing smooth execution of deployments,
  • Track the General Volunteers’ attendances and ensure record of hours,Monitor tutees’ results, attendance and notable behaviours,
  • Ensure punctual submission of documents (i.e. children’s progress reports),
  • Gather information (e.g. feedbacks, incident report) from General Volunteers,
  • Function as an intermediary between General Volunteers, Heartware Network and tutoring schools or organisations, and
  • Plan and organise the End-of-Year appreciation session at the end of the sessions.
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Minimum Education Level: PSLE

Minimum Age: 17